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Until Murder Do Us Part The Unwilling The Penitent Sins of the Mothers

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Until Murder Do Us Part

by Treg Julander

Mike Kingston, an attorney at an elite Washington, D.C., law firm, wakes up from a violent nightmare to find his hands wrapped around his wife's throat, almost killing her. A few nights later, on the same day that he settles an important case and is elected to the partnership, Mike awakes to find his wife suffocated in their own bed. Mike becomes the focus of a highly publicized murder investigation with compelling evidence of his guilt. While preparing his defense, Mike comes to the awful realization that he might, in fact, have killed his wife. His two-year-old daughter is his only reason to keep fighting. The "monster" she saw that night might indeed have been the killer.



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The Prophecy (The Children of Lilith, Vol. 3)

by C. David Belt

For 6,000 years, Lilith and her Children have walked the earth, ruling from the shadows...until now. An ancient prophecy, spoken by Adam, Lilith’s grandfather, foretells her doom. She will do anything, corrupt any innocent, murder countless mortals to save herself. To survive, she knows she must destroy Carl and Moira Morgan. The war has begun. And Carl and Moira know, win or lose, it all ends here.


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Sins of the Mothers

by Elizabeth Petty Bentley

Tamar never made any secret that her goal is to break her mother's heart, now that she has sufficiently ruined her mother's life. Joyce knows Tamar is damaged, and Hollis tells her she should cut Tamar loose and stop letting Tamar torment her. But Joyce has her own secrets. Will the baby Tamar's carrying bring mother and daughter together or only drive them farther apart?


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The Penitent (The Children of Lilith, Vol. 2)

Whitney Award Finalist

by C. David Belt

In 6,000 years no vampire has ever defied Lilith, Queen of the vampires...until now. Moira and Carl Morgan have saved the city from the horror of Michael and his wives, but victory has come at terrible cost. And there are consequences to every choice, every victory. Word has spread that someone has broken Lilith’s power, that someone has defied the ancient Queen. And she’s not happy.


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Fires of Jerusalem

by Marilyn Brown

The siege of Jerusalem by the Assyrian and Babylonian armies in 586 B.C. created devastation and despair. . . especially for Jeremiah and Lehi, who tried to tell the people what was coming if they did not turn their lives around. This Old Testament story, intriguingly told, is Marilyn Brown's latest novel


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Adam's Dream

by Douglas L. Talley

Adam's Dream is both learned and accessible, inviting us to look hard at the world and take delight therein: a child wearing cereal bowls for shoes, a meatloaf sandwich a blink away from being loaves and fishes, tumblers in the kitchen sink taking flight like "a flock of cardinals." Prepare to dream you are riding to China on a bike to become a poet. --Lance Larsen, Backyard Alchemy


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The Unwilling (The Children of Lilith, Vol. 1)

by C. David Belt

When Carl Morgan witnesses the murder of his sister and police can't locate the killer, he takes matters into his own hands. But his search for justice costs him everything. Carl is unknowingly transformed into the world's only unwilling vampire, damned to an eternity of darkness, until he meets Moira, a repentant vampire searching for redemption she'd feared was impossible. Suddenly there's hope.


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A Wandering Star

by Elizabeth Petty Bentley

Alyssa and Nolan are about to be married when Nolan’s best friend, Zeke, arrives. He’s an enigmatic figure, rumored to be excommunicated and to have failed to complete his mission for the Church. Alyssa sensibly marries Nolan, who is good-looking, devout, sensitive, and loving, but conventional. Unfortunately, being married in the temple doesn’t help Alyssa put aside her attraction to Zeke


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Robert Goble's award winning novel, Across a Harvested field.

To Jordan Fairchild, the dark-haired girl renting his basement apartment seems somewhat quiet and reclusive. Just a business arrangement, he thinks, as he watches her sign the name “Nattie Hand” on the contract. Though two thousand miles away, Celeste Betancourt, an attractive Georgetown graduate student he met through a mutual friend, has captured his attention. A budding friendship with Nattie soon begins to bloom. Little does Jordan know his girl-next-door renter is none other than the world-famous pop star, a.k.a. Natalia Antonali, who recently disappeared from the public eye; little does he know how much his friendship will come to mean to her, how, for the first time a love begins to grow, untainted by “Natalia,” and how she hopes Jordan never discovers the truth.


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Parables is pleased to offer Mark D. Bennion’s debut poetry collection, Psalm & Selah: A Poetic Journey through The Book of Mormon.

These largely first-person narrative poems imaginatively and sympathetically get inside the minds of the people who lived the scriptures: Abish, Sam, one of the sons of Helaman, Chemish, Gadianton, and many, many more.



AML's Best Novel of the Year (2008)

Whitney Award for the Best Novel by a New Author (2008)


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